Media - Published BGMC

Media stories published about the Boston Gay Men's Chorus or where the organization is mentioned. (For event / concert specific media coverage, please see the individual show page for links.)

June 15, 2017
Rainbow Times
BGMC on Boston Foundation for Equality Fund’s Award

June 15. 2017
Bay Windows
Boston Gay Men's Chorus ED talks up 'one of our most unique musical experiences to date'

June 9. 2017
WCVB Chronicle
For A Song - Boston Gay Men's Chorus

June 4. 2017
Comcast | NBC | Newsmakers
Boston Gay Men's Chorus

July 8, 2016
Bay Windows
BGMC Honored for Communications Strategy

June 28, 2016
Spirit Magazine
One year after Middle East tour, Boston Gay Men’s Chorus Announces South Africa Trip

June 27, 2016
The Rainbow Times
BGMC Honored for Communications Strategy for Historic 2015 Middle East Tour

April 13, 2016
Gates Cambridge (UK)
Gay men's chorus performs at Catholic college

April 7, 2016
Worcester Magazine
Gay Men’s Chorus at Holy Cross a ‘revolutionary’ achievement

December 10, 2015
Bay Windows
Festival of Lights: Boston Honors BGMC

September 24, 2015
WGBH - Craving Boston
Boston Gay Men’s Chorus Music Director Reuben M. Reynolds III recalls his favorite repasts

September 10, 2015
The Times of Israel
Boston Jews lament Israel’s summer of homegrown terrorism

January 17, 2015
Boston Globe (Editorial mentioning and supporting BGMC's Inaugural Celebration performance)
Guaranteeing a crucial element of transgender rights

January 12, 2015
The Rainbow Times
Boston Gay Men’s Chorus Makes History at Governor’s Inaugural Celebration

January 2, 2015
Boston Globe
Everything you need to know about the inauguration