What does the BGMC mean to you? Tell us your story!

You are our cultural warriors. You truly change and heal hearts and minds. You take the reality of what it means to be gay and lesbian and you make it public. You wrap it in the magic of your music and you present it as a gift to your brothers and sisters and as a gift to the larger community. Your work is truly revolutionary.

National Field Director, GLAAD
December, 1996

Michael Lombo joined BGMC in January 2000 and in May of 2003 met a guy on an RSVP cruise and moved to Canada for just about 6 years. He came back to Boston in October 2008, began work as a Ballroom Dance Instructor and rejoined the BGMC at the very first opportunity in September of 2010 just in time to solo on the Joy CD!


I wanted to write and let you know how much your performance last year meant to me. I am a 25 year old gay rights activist and teacher, and I brought my very liberal mother and very conservative grandmother to your holiday concert last year. My grandmother has some very old-fashioned views, and sometimes it can be hard for me to talk to her about my gay friends or career choices without feeling like I’m in over my head. My grandmother, like me, is also a singer. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the concert but we were both absolutely delighted. First, your music was just phenomenal.

I leave every Boston Gay Men’s Chorus feeling better than when I arrived.

August, 2013

Nick joined the Chorus in January 2012 after graduating from Suffolk University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. He grew up in Shrewsbury, MA and was looking for way to be involved with arts after school. He liked that the BGMC was about singing. “I thought it would be a good way to meet new people. I liked that it was a Gay Men’s Chorus and I liked their mission.”

I was a member of a group of people from the Groton Massachusetts area who hosted the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus for a public concert. The concert filled an 800-seat concert hall at a local middle school. The money raised from the concert was divided among five high schools to benefit Gay-Straight Alliance groups and projects supporting tolerance and opposing bullying. The five high schools involved included three private schools and two public high schools.

I want to thank you – and congratulation you – for a most outstanding evening of music the other night! It was superb, from start to finish; possibly one of your best programs ever. I was so proud to be sitting in the balcony gleefully enjoying the concert.

What I am really appreciating, however, is the fact that it was also an emotionally rich and deeply felt evening.

March 24, 1997

Kevin Rice joined the Chorus in 2000 for a moment, returning in 2010. He grew up in Putnam, CT and has a B.A. from UCONN. He spends days managing a hospital outreach program for The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp - designing and implementing programs for children with serious illnesses. “I joined the Chorus to have an outlet other than my hospital work – to do something different.”

NOTE: In 2004 BGMC was on the front lines of the fight for marriage equality. On March 10, 2004 members of the Chorus delivered CD’s of “Marry Us” to every state legislator.

My husband and I were simply swept away - and even made a bit teary - by your voices, your humor, your spirit, and even your outfits at yesterday's absolutely magnificent performance in the Common. Hat's off to you all and thanks for one of the most memorable and enjoyable Boston outdoor afternoons ever!!

July, 2013

Andrew Carpentier joined the Chorus in 2010 with a "great group of newbies". He grew up in Waterbury CT until he went away to a boys' RC high school in NH. He studied at Assumption College In Worcester MA & has a BA degree from the University of Ottawa, Canada. He also did graduate studies at Weston Jesuit School of Theology here in Cambridge. But he eventually chucked the plans for the RC priesthood, joined the Episcopal Church, and pursued a career in property-casualty insurance - which he describes as "less of a moral hazard than the priesthood".

The Boston Gay Men's Chorus performed (free of charge) a benefit concert for "Thrive at CIGSYA", the Cape & Islands Gay & Straight Youth Alliance on April 28, 2012. Thrive at CIGSYA has been in existence since 1996 and owns a small house in downtown Hyannis. It serves as place where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and straight youth ages 13 to 22 can enjoy support group meetings, drop in times, and special events in a peer led, adult advised environment, free from judgment.

We had an amazing experience recently.

We sang in Plymouth, Massachusetts as featured performers for “America’s Hometown Thanksgiving Celebration” the annual parade that attracts over 100,000 people. ON an unusually warm November day – just 20 feet from historic Plymouth Rock – over 100 members of the Chorus sang.

I want to tell a little of my own personal story, not because I feel you must know it, but because it is the best way I can express my personal gratitude.

Will Sutton joined the Chorus in March of 2012 He grew up in Hopedale, MA and has a Bachelor’s degree from Boston College He spends his day as a Registered Nurse at Mclean Hospital. “I joined the Chorus to join a musical family." Will describes his participation with the Chorus: Life-changing. "I get to express my creativity with a group of men I am proud to call my family."

Thomas Collins (TC to friends) joined the chorus in October of 2011. He grew up in Abington, MA and has a BS in Management Information Systems from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). He spends his day working as an Assistant Director in the WPI IT department. “I joined the chorus to meet new people and get back to singing. I’ve been singing in some fashion since I was in pre-school (my mother has the blackmail recordings to prove it). I spent 7 years as a student and staff member singing with the WPI Men’s Glee Club.

Anand Sitaram joined the Chorus in Fall 2014 soon after moving across the country from San Diego. He grew up near Dallas, TX and has a Ph.D. degree in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. "When I'm not singing, I'm in the lab at UMass Med School in Worcester studying very small worms to understand how our cells fight back against bacterial toxins. How small are the worms? I pick them up with my own eyelashes! I also like to square, contra, and line dance. And I also sing in an all-male barbershop a cappella chorus.

I joined the Chorus in 2004 after growing up in Osterville, MA. I have a Master's degree from National Theatre Conservatory and spend my day helping people's dreams come true. I joined the Chorus to sing my heart, brain, and my soul out and found love, marrrying David Chen in 2011. “It's rare in one's life that you get to do art that makes a difference, with people that you love. I spell that "BGMC."

Neil Vyas was in the Chorus from 2012 - 2014. He grew up in Southern California and earned his MD degree from UCLA School of Medicine. When he's not singing with the BGMC he was a resident physician of Opthalmology at Boston Medical Center. “I joined the Chorus to continue my love for singing and to find a new amazing community of friends and family after moving all the way from California,” said the single Tenor 2.

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